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Page | Last updated about 1 year ago

Volunteering at Bradford Teaching Hospitals (BTHFT)

BTHFT has an active volunteering community which continues to grow significantly. There are currently well over 540 people who give their time freely to help patients, staff and visitors. On average, each volunteer donates 4 hours of their time each week - a total of 114,400 hours each year! At BTHFT we welcome volunteers from all abilities, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Volunteers provide an invaluable service through a vari...


Friday Prayers

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago

During March (and until further notice) the Friday prayers will take place in the Health & Well-Being Centre, in Field House.

Go through the glass doors, then go through the wooden doors infront of you, then go to the end of the corridor and its through the last door on your left.

Toilets are opposite the prayer room and are available for ablution​

The times are:

12:45 PM

1:15 PM


Council of Governors: Notice of Election

News | Last updated about 1 year ago
The Foundation Trust gives notice that it will hold elections to the Council of Governors of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Elections are to be held for the following positions:

· 2 members from the Public constituencies; Bradford South (1), Shipley (1)

· 1 member from the Patient constituency (i.e. those members who live out of the Bradford Metropolitan District Council area and have received treatment from the Foundation Trus...


Make a difference by becoming a hospital chaplaincy volunteer

News | Last updated about 1 year ago
Volunteers from all religions are being sought to help bring a listening ear and a kind word into the lives of hospital patients across the city.

The Chaplaincy Service at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is looking to increase its volunteer numbers to cater for people’s spiritual needs while they are in hospital. The multi-faith service caters for people of different faiths and those of none. It currently has 73 volunteers but wants to expand its reach even furt...


Volunteers’ generous gift will aid patient recovery

News | Last updated about 1 year ago
Big-hearted volunteers have presented a generous £47,500 to Bradford Royal Infirmary which will be used to buy specialist medical equipment to aid patient recovery.

The donation, made by The Friends of BRI will enable the hospital’s Anaesthetic Department to fund five electroencephalogram (EEG) ‘Narcotrend’ monitors which allow much more specific amounts of anaesthetics to be given, allowing patients to recover more quickly and with reduced after effects.

Associate Spec...


Fitting of Hearing Aid/s

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago

Just like at the hearing assessment appointment, the audiologist will introduce themselves and take a brief history to ensure that there have not been any significant changes since your last appointment. The fitting of a hearing aid can take up to an hour to complete. If you choose to, a family member, carer or friend can accompany you to the appointment.

For more information please read the ‘Adult Audiology – Hearing Aid Fitting’

Hearing Aids Checks



Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago

Hearing aid/s

All hearing devices fitted at Bradford Royal Infirmary are ‘digital’ and are ‘Behind-the-Ear’ hearing aids which means that the actual hearing aid will sit comfortably on your ear.

When hearing aids are prescribed an impression of the ear or ears will be taken and arrangements will be made for the fitting of the hearing aid/s. At the fitting appointment, the hearing aid(s) will be tailored to your hearing loss taking on board feedback from yourself. If you can...


Balance assessment & Rehabilitation

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago
What can I expect at the appointment?
You will see one or two members of a team of audiologists and clinical scientist who are specially trained in balance assessment and rehabilitation. The appointment is usually 1½ to 2 hours long. The aim of the assessment appointment will be to investigate the possible source of your imbalance. The audiologist will start by asking some questions about your balance problems. Although you will have given your history to a doctor before, it ...


Tinnitus Services

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago
What do tinnitus appointments typically involve?
Your first tinnitus appointment will often involve a member of the Audiology team finding out more about the nature of your tinnitus and explore the feelings and difficulties it may be causing. Once the Audiologist knows more about your tinnitus they will go on to discuss the results of your hearing test and the mechanism of hearing, an explanation of the model of tinnitus and information and advice about the different strategies avai...


Board of Directors - Meetings 2016

Page | Last updated about 1 year ago

Date of Meeting: 14 January 2016 - 10-11.30am

Location: Conference Room, Field House, Bradford Royal Infirmary



Date of Meeting: 11 February 2016 - 9-11.30am

Location: Conference Room, Field House, Bradford Royal Infirmary



Date of Meeting: 10 March 2016 - 9-11.30am

Location: Conference Room, Field House, Bradford Royal Infirmary